Cititel can supply and deliver Hosted PABX and Cloud based solutions and also in environments that require Hybrid environments

Cloud PABX solutions like 3CX allow a fully functioned PABX eliminating the requirement for on-premises installed hardware and line services.

Hosted / Cloud solutions is where your telephony is facilitated by offsite means and all user, grouping, call flow and routing needs are performed by your a provider like Cititel or AAPT eliminating the requirements for a local employee to manage and update your PABX.

As the cloud has a direct connection through the internet to your office implementing remote workers via mobile applications, PC soft-phones and multi site expansion become a simple easily implemented and manageable solution.

Expansion and growth is easily achieved that is cost effective to mean business budgets of all sizes.

Avaya telephones

Avaya IP Office Cloud


3CX UC Cloud PBX


AAPT IP Tel Value Cloud PBX

Cititel is a leading supplier of Avaya & 3CX Cloud / Hosted Telephony Solutions

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