Cititel Telephone Systems can provide your business with a wide selection of telephone system services and support with contracted response times and maintenance spares available to ensure your business will never be disrupted for long periods. Our Agreements are tailored to suit, ranging from 09:00am to 05:00pm standard business agreements to extended hours and 24/7 agreements for your convenience.

Cititel Maintenance coverage includes proactive monitoring tools directly to our support desk 24/7/365. These tools raise alerts on the phone system, handsets and associated applications and hardware in the event of an issue. At these times of disruptions in most cases we will be in contact before you have experienced the issue and pro-actively started the rectification.

Cititel can provide your business with a wide selection of telephone system services and support, ranging from new phone systems to Australian call centre solutions. We also offer Sydney CCTV installations and electrical contracting for your convenience. Our services cover:

  • Maintenance Agreements: All maintenance customers have pro active maintenance monitoring activated to minimize the effect of any service disruptions
  • Service Agreements: Cititel service agreements prioritize customers in the service department at a reduced work hour rate
  • New & used phone systems: Our key area of service, providing you with a wide range of Avaya and Samsung models for installation in your workplace. We have the right model for any sized business.
  • Voice & Data cabling: Our installation services cover voice and data cabling, ensuring that everything is wired up correctly to avoid any communication hiccups.
  • Electrical contracting: Our team can cater for a wide range of electrical contracting needs around the workplace, providing you with more than just business phone system installations.
  • Sydney CCTV & Alarm Systems: We extend our services to include Sydney CCTV and alarm system installations. Our CCTV solutions are offered Sydney wide, providing all residents with quality alarm and CCTV options that keep properties safe.
  • Relocations & Installation of Avaya & Samsung Systems: Moving? We are able to transfer your existing telephone systems to the new location with ease.
  • Maintenance Contracts: Covering all your maintenance needs, our team is able to clean up any loose ends around the workplace.
  • Panasonic, Aria & Alcatel Parts & Service: We are also the place to go for parts and servicing on Panasonic, Aria and Alcatel models.
  • Australian Call Centre Solutions: Cititel can provide Australian call centre solutions that will enhance your marketing operations. Our Australian call centre solutions and installations offer the latest in communication technology.
  • VoIP Multi Site Networking Solutions: Available for any of our VoIP phone systems, multi site networking allows you to link various areas of your business with ease.
  • Provisioning of Voice, Data, Mobile & Internet Services: We can setup your phone, data, mobile or internet network to provide a range of new services to users.

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