USE CASE – Challenges – Value Add                                                                                                   
Name of organisation: McCorkell and Associates
Goods/services provided: Marketing and Advertising / Call center services
Date of provision: May 2016
PABX Solution Deployed: PABX Upgrade – Call Centre IVR (Multi call center campaign requirment) XIMA Chronicall, AAPT SIP and Fibre 400. One-X portal, Mobile and Client – (110 End users)
Location: North Sydney

Utilizing Avaya and XIMA products Cititel has improved McCorkell and Associates’ customer service and the productivity of its contact centre introducing high level monitoring tools and communications cost savings.


  • Obsolete and limited technology, with few features.
  • Call recording on campaigns within the contact centre.
  • High costs due to an outdated communications structure.
  • A non-integrated customer service centre.
  • Difficult IVR management, changes and updates.
  • PC Softphone connectivity for offsite users.
  • Difficult support and service provided from vendor on product.
  • Reports on contact centre.
  • Conference call centre management needed to be external party.
  • Internet speed issues.

Value created

  • A dynamic and flexible customer service centre with great benefits.
  • Savings in communications as well as in management and maintenance.
  • New SIP services and collaboration features.
  • Non-intrusive contact centre management and monitoring.
  • Reporting package extensive and easy to extract.
  • Recording on correct campaigns and users.
  • IVR changes and creation ease.

Products Deployed – McCorkell and Associates

  • Avaya IP Office V2
  • Avaya Contact Recorder
  • Avaya Applications Server
  • Avaya Voicemail PRO
  • Avaya ONE-X Portal
  • Desktop and Mobile
  • Avaya Contact Recorder
  • XIMA Chronicall
  • Avaya 96XX Series Handsets
  • AAPT SIP Trunks
  • AAPT Fibre 400 Internet service
  • DreyTek router for Internet and remote user access




Name of organization:    Armstrong Legal
Goods/services provided:    Legal Firm
Date of provision:   October 2015
Solution Deployed   PABX solution upgrade, cost driven, Multi-site deployment, Call    accounting software AAPT SIP Trunks – (100 End users)
Locations(s):   Sydney (Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra)

Armstrong Legal

Armstrong Legal is Law firm with offices throughout Australia requiring centralization of call flow in and out of the business. Avaya IP Office and the Voicemail PRO call flow applications enabled that all 4 offices Australia wide can act as one with the relevant state displaying their outgoing CLI centralizing reception and added PC interaction for front desk staff.


  • Limited technology advancement.
  • Multi-Site with limited interconnect end user and call flow features.
  • Multi-site call flow issues.
  • Call reporting difficulties, Non-existent with current applications.
  • Difficulty of call flow for state offices based on time of day, Public holiday closures and weekends.
  • Displaying correct state CLI on outgoing calls.

Value created

  • Simplified call flow for all states ability to attend to calls with correct naming and destination.
  • Monitoring all states holiday and time profiles and re-routing to open offices for calls.
  • All states show their local number when dialling out form handsets.
  • Reporting software with periodic reports emailed.
  • Reduced communications costings.
  • One office multi location feel for clients.
  • Migration of all services in all state into one AAPT SIP trunk service utilising the Avaya IP Office to display outgoing calls and route to correct front desk users based on CLI.

Products Deployed – Armstrong Legal

  • Avaya IP Office V2
  • Avaya Voicemail PRO
  • Avaya ONE-X Portal
  • PABXSoft Call Accounting Software
  • Avaya 96XX Series Handsets
  • AAPT SIP Trunks


USE CASE – Challenges – Value Add           
Name of organization: Team Medical
Goods/services provided: Medical
Date of provision: 2016
Solution Deployed Dural offices, Multisite expansion to Brisbane adding call centre. Migration all ISDN and PSTN services to SIP trunks – (60 End users)
Location: Dural NSW and Brisbane Office

Team Medical

Medical distributors nationally with business expansion into Brisbane offices utilising staff in both locations for the call centre. Using the Avaya products implementing call flows that enable Team Medical to capture calls in both locals utilising time differences to extend business hours in the call centre for clients.


  • Expansion into additional states with centralised call centre.
  • Reporting of statistics of all agents and call volumes.
  • Call routing by CLI captured.
  • Call flow to interstate office based on time of day, Public holiday closures and weekends.

Value created

  • Call flow based on CLI presented e. 07 numbers to Brisbane call centre.
  • Monitoring all states holiday and time profiles and re-routing to open offices for calls.
  • Reduced communications costings by implementing IP handsets across network.
  • Call management software capturing call statics for agents and calls in and out of the business.

Products Deployed – Team Medical

  • Avaya IP Office V2
  • Avaya Unified Communications Module
  • Avaya Voicemail Pro
  • Avaya ONE-X Portal
  • PABXSoft Call Accounting Software
  • Avaya 9608 Series Handsets